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An Italian reality, strongly desired by two women. We are two former colleagues and still friends, passionate and with a considerable experience in 360-degree Branding. Our desire is to contribute to the development of new projects, supporting companies in the search and selection of their strategic partners and in the achievement of their objectives. We work across all product categories, including the Loyalty area, offering tailor-made consultancy on the projects we welcome development.

Who we are

Romana M. Caldarelli

I’m Romana M. Caldarelli. Born in my beloved Abruzzo, after several years in Milan I now live in Brianza with Tommy, my sweet Maltese. I am curious, often headstrong, I play the piano, I love cycling, traveling, cooking and taking care of the flowers in my garden.

After my studies and experiences in various leading companies (The Walt Disney Italia, Ferrari S.A., Clementoni, Trussardi, LaRinascente, Unoaerre), I took the decision to take care of what I am most passionate about. So, for over 12 years, I have been working as a Consultant. I got considerable experience in Marketing, Brand Strategy and Licensing. I work closely with Far East suppliers with whom I have built strong relationships. Always focused on the research and development of new projects and suppliers, I have excellent negotiation skills and knowledge in sector contracts. The passion for my work allows me to never lose enthusiasm, so much so that I always have one more idea! I am reliable, creative, precise, collaborative and I never lose sight of achieving results.

Nadia Caron

I am Nadia Caron, a Milanese , mother of Andrea, a splendid son and wife of Enrico who has been supporting me with love for years! Chloe, a very sweet Labrador, has recently joined our family and is our little brat! In my free time I love going to the mountains, reading, cooking and spending time with my family and friends.

I gained many years of experience in Licensing, Marketing and Retail, holding positions of responsibility in leading entertainment companies and with an international culture (The Walt Disney Italia, Viacom International). This allowed me to get in touch with a multitude of realities and build a strong know-how in the field, achieving the objectives set. Positive, expansive, intuitive, I know how to put people at ease. I am also determined and always open to new challenge!

Together, we support companies in the projects entrusted to us: from research, to planning, to product development. Our proven competence and experience, combined with the personal type of approach, undress us of the role of simple “agents” or “consultants”, making us come into direct contact with the individual realities, allowing a coherent and suitable continuation to the characteristics of each of our client companies.

This allows us to create projects that go beyond traditional strategies while respecting the values that characterize the companies involved.


Our main goal is to support our customers in expanding their business, guiding them towards the acquisition of an awareness and knowledge of their own brand and history. By developing or emphasizing their skills, their sectors and with a new way of acting: responding to both stimuli and market pressures, in order to get the most of opportunities.


Strategic development: Brand identity, Brand refresh and rebranding.


Licensing and Brand Extension across all Product Categories.

Contract Mngt

Assistance in the negotiation and contracting phase.

Graphic Design

Graphic, design and illustration services.

Graphic Design

Graphic, design and illustration services.


Search for brands, products and suppliers.


A solid Brand Identity and its correct positioning are necessary in order to develop various business areas. Our methodology starts not only from the identification of the initial status but from the history of the Brand and the Company.

The correct positioning represents a real strategic investment to open up to consumers and wider markets, as well as to new targets and with innovative methods.

For this reason, we also deal with:

Brand refresh to allow companies to convey the right message to their target. Adapting it to the times, using methods, colors, impactful and seductive inputs for the target audience.

Rebranding when companies feel the need for a change in philosophy, direction or to adapt to new needs or views.


We collaborate with international brands oriented towards expansion in categories other than those in which their reputation is consolidated.

Our priority is to define and outline the identity of the Brand and then, through a strategic development plan, create a system of synergies that span different product categories with the aim of penetrating new market segments or creating innovative elements of differentiation from competitors.


We work closely with leading licensee companies in the various product categories.

We support them in the search for the most suitable brand for the realization of a project that can be of commercial, distribution, territorial or communication expansion, proposing new imaginaries but always consistent with the company and its positioning.


The passion for Art has brought us closer to many contemporary artists that we represent in the licensing sector. We also have an exclusive with the American archive The Saturday Evening Post, which is one of the richest archives of illustrations and works by the most famous American iconic artists including Norman Rockwell.


We offer a network of creatives as well as producers able to fulfill any request from Distributors and Retailers who operate or who wish to operate with private label lines.


Our network of suppliers based both in Europe and in the Far East, combined with our know-how allows us to suggest and develop new synergies in the research and design of new products.


Search for brands, products and suppliers for promotional activities and loyalty projects.


Our Team includes a portfolio of experienced professionals in the field of graphic design and illustrations allowing us to study and develop tailor made projects: products, packaging, sales and communication support materials. We also develop Style and Brand Guidelines which are the tool for the development of Brand Extension projects.


We pay particular attention to the Web and the Social world, offering ad-hoc projects, with the support of sector specialists who boast an optimal quality-price ratio.



We assist our clients in the negotiation phase and in contracts. We also make use of the support of a law firm specialized in the sector relating to rights, protection and trademark registration, in order to offer a complete service to our customers.




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